India tops the list of the largest chilli producing nations in the world and is also its most dominant exporter and consumer.
There are several varieties of chillies; each unique in colour and flavour. Spices Board of India identifies eighteen varieties of chillies that are grown in different parts of the country.

Mundu is yellowish-scarlet red color and is fairly hot and pungent with a medium heat. These are fairly spherical and are also known as gundu molzuka or ramnad mundu. Sannam is the star chilli with thick red skin with high pungency and fieriness.
IPM – Integrated Pest Management is an approach which is ecological to control the usage of the pesticides in chilli farming. IPM chillies are popular in Europe and Japan for its premium quality and pricing.

Product NameRed Chilli
CropNew Crop 2018
MoistureBelow 12%
Pods without stalk8%
Pungency (Heat)Mundu : 10000 – 30000 SHU , S4: 18000 - 30000 SHU
Foreign Material1%
ColorMundu : 30 – 130 ASTA , S4 : 55 -75 ASTA
Drying Process0.73%
Max Moisture12%
Max Damaged & Discoloured Pods3%
Max Loose Seeds2%
Capsaicine ContentMundu : 0.166 % ,S4 : 0.226 %